"Davido, please hurry him some clothes, and help him with money," the Blessing CEO shamingly says to VeryDarkman after

The infamous relationship therapist Blessing CEO recently staged a social media spectacle in which she publicly shamed well-known social critic VeryDarkman for being spotted out in public wearing casual clothing. During a visit to Jos, VeryDarkman, whose reputation has been tarnished by his frequent online taunts and critiques, was the target of the savage remarks of Blessing CEO.Taking advantage of the chance to make fun of her opponent, Blessing CEO did not hold back, calling VeryDarkman a “dirty boy” and openly making fun of his attire and shoes. She made a cruel comment that made him look even more like a "retired criminal," which made him even more humiliated.Irony was added to the scenario when Blessing CEO called on well-known people in the entertainment industry, in particular Davido and Tunde Ednut, pleading with them to support VeryDarkman. 

She pleaded with Davido to get him some fashionable clothes, pointing out that his wardrobe seemed to be lacking, and she asked Tunde Ednut for financial support.

This episode brought to light not only the continuous conflict between VeryDarkman and Blessing CEO, but also the power struggles and rivalries that are common among social media celebrities. 

The episode had a significant impact, igniting debates and conversations in online groups and further solidifying the CEO of Blessing's reputation as a provocateur who isn't afraid to get into disputes in public for the benefit of all.

Blessed penned:

"Abeg, he's just a dumb boy." Hoodlum, act like a freed felon even if we don't go to jail or prison. Oh my, please update. Let's assist even if it's not as good.Please Davido, give him some clothes, give him some money because his prick video didn't sell, and give me some work because the people at Nafdac rejected me. No, this boy is experiencing a lot. We women don't want him because he's too small. He had an okirika combat and a cheap 100 naira bar beach chain around his neck.

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