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Sports Daily Media, Inc.

On Sunday, June 3rd, 1984, the first issue of SPORTSDAILY, a weekly, debuted on newsstands with the slogan: "Towards a better life for the People." On July 15, 1984, it operated every day. Through unwavering adherence to free enterprise, the rule of law, and good governance, it seeks to serve the needs of the populace.


Among the titles it published between 1988 and 1995 were Mr. l.Suleiman isah, a collection of the paper's front-page comic cartoons, Niger Mirror, an evening newspaper, SPORTSDAILY Yellow Pages, Niger Law Directory, and Sports Now, a weekly magazine devoted solely to sports.

The Daily SPORTSDAILY, Saturday SPORTSDAILY, and Sunday SPORTSDAILY are currently available from the newspaper.It

Since then, new titles that cater to specialized interests have been introduced. These include Cyber life, Sports SPORTSDAILY, Financial SPORTSDAILY, Allure, Sweet Crude, Hitech, and Sports SPORTSDAILY.No serious policy maker, businessperson, politician, student, or interest group would overlook these titles since they are so product-specific.

Sports, advertising, management and marketing, maritime, energy, hi-tech and computer, aviation, business and banking, tourism, health, labor, human angle and women affairs, politics, and education are major topics covered by SPORTSDAILY.Book of stories and insurance.

The newspaper also includes reputable columnists such as Kola Animasuan, Dele Sobowale, Pini Jason, Tony Momoh, Bisi Lawrence, Ocherome Nnanna, Les Leba, Helen Ovbiagele, Bunmi Sofola, Treena Kwenta, Obi Nwakanma, and many others, as well as Aig-Imoukhuede, who passed away on January 23, 2007, until recently. Due to these authors, SPORTSDAILY is an engaging read.

for sophisticated minds. Five editors have been in charge of the Daily's editorial concerns over the course of the paper's history. They are:

Muyiwa Adetiba, Mr.1984-1985

Akitoye Akiode,1985-1991

Frank Aigbogun, sr.1991-1998

Invoking Gbenga Adefaye1998- 2008.

Middleo Bayagbon2008 – September 2016

Eze Anaba, Mr. 2017 so far

One of the top newspapers in Nigeria right now is SPORTSDAILY. It has a long history of being the nation's most engrossing, enlivening, authoritative, thorough, and reader-friendly newspaper.

Consequently, at least ten people wait in line to read the same copy of SPORTSDAILY for every copy that is purchased.The family-friendly SPORTSDAILY newspaper also has a following among upwardly mobile executives and captains of industry.

Very importantly, to satisfy the market's expanding demands,

The tabloid has a daily circulation of 20,000 copies in Lagos, the economic hub of the country. The South-West 15,000, South-South 25,000, South-East 15,000, North Central 18,000, North-East 7,500, and North-West 7,500 copies are among the others. Abuja has 12,000 copies. These have a Print Run of 130,000 copies per day, for a total of 120,000 copies.

According to its classification, it is a newspaper that reaches every corner of Nigeria and is now supplemented by the most affluent, international readership via the website http://SPORTSDAILY.COM.NG.

SPORTSDAILY is a standard in sports reporting. Since the food is served hot, fresh, and with a high level of professionalism in this location, we dare say that this is too obvious to be seriously contested.

The family-friendly SPORTSDAILY newspaper also has a following among upwardly mobile executives and captains of industry.


 In pursuit of its aim and objective of a better life for the people of Nigeria, the paper organized a public lecture in 1995 with the topic: Crisis and Reconstruction of the Nigerian economy by Prof. Bade Onimode. By 1996, another lecture was held with the topic: 

Understanding the Nigerian Economy and Polity in the 20th Century. It was delivered by the renowned historian, Dr. Yusufu bala Usman. In order for a broader perspective to be achieved, another lecture was organized on รข€oeAfrica and Global Competitiveness in the next millennium (i.e. 21st century). This lecture was delivered by a Ghanaian Professor, Dr. Kwesi Botchwey, Director, Africa Programs and Research, Harvard Institute for International Development, Cambridge, USA. SPORTSDAILY has also contributed greatly

to finding solutions to the Niger Delta crisis by initiating public discuss and setting agenda for dialogue. It organised the “ONE VOICE” Conference for stakeholders in the South South. SPORTSDAILY has successfully organised the ANNUAL BANKING AWARDS, an event held in high esteem locally and internationally. 


 To be the Best Media group with the Widest Reach through innovation backed by excellent service delivery, highly motivated human capital and latest technology. OUR MISSION To impact positively on our Readers/Clients and society by providing high quality, reliable and affordable media products for promoting knowledge, political stability and economic prosperity. 


 Equity and Fairness Integrity People-centeredness Excellence WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY What some Nigerian advertising professionals have to say about SPORTSDAILY "SPORTSDAILY is consistent in quality and style. These make it a good advertising medium" Sam Itama Associate Media Director, Mediacom. "We have a good relationship with SPORTSDAILY. I can't remember the last time they missed our ads. They are very professional" Lolu Akinw

Sam Itama is a Mediacom associate media director.

We get along well with SPORTSDAILY, they say. The last time they failed to see our commercials, I can't recall. They are really competent.

Prima Garnet, Lolu Akinwunmi.

Without the VANGUARD, you cannot advertise fast-moving consumer items. Also true of electronics.

Senior Media Group Head at Lintas, Victor Mukeme.

"I believe SPORTSDAILY to be an excellent national daily, especially since the restructure two years ago. The newspaper is now incredibly effective and sensitive to advertising needs.

Editor: +234- 8066886989 Mr. Suleiman Manager, Lintas

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